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8/29/11 Check In

I took the boys out to Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis for a run.  I like to take them to nice flat paved places, easy for them to bike on and for me to run outside. Where we live there are tons of hills, so I end up driving up into the city when I am going to be running with them.  Anyway, I thought they would enjoy going around the lake and looking at the boats, the people, etc.  We got there and unloaded all the stuff (one of the joys of them coming with me is that they get to carry backpacks so I don’t need to carry anything) 🙂 and got ready to go.   Then we were faced with a choice: do we use the walking Continue reading


My love affair with The New Rules of Lifting for Women…

I was wasting time in the health and fitness section of one of the giant bookstores about a year ago, trying to find some inspiration.  I had been thinking about working on my strength, it seemed like if I could make my muscles stronger I would have more endurance to get through my DVD workouts.  Tae Bo was kicking my butt, pretty hard.  I had the same experience as most people who start out with small weights or exercise bands – they were fine, but it seemed like there should be something…more.  More challenging!  More satisfying. Continue reading

Fat girl running!

A couple of weeks ago, the most amazing thing happened…

I ran. Well, okay, I jogged. It was miraculous.

I haven’t run, or tried to run (at least for “fun”) since I was in 8th grade and they forced us around the track in some sort of torture experiment which managed to make me feel like even more of a loser than I already did (insert memory of sneering gym teacher here).  I’ve been chubby my whole life, and up until a couple of years ago it’s been all about doing things that fat people are supposed to do to “work out”: walking, taking the stairs (as long as there weren’t too many), lifting light weights over and over again but not really feeling much, believing that laying in front of the TV doing leg lifts would suddenly shift all my body fat around in more appealing ways – especially if I made sure to eat Baked Lays for a snack afterwards.  Hey!  They’re baked!  They must be good for me. Continue reading