Crosstraining is never a bad thing :)

It is beautiful here today in Minnesota!  The fall weather is sweeping in, bringing the temp to a fantastic 55 degrees but the sun is still out.  Perfect pants and jacket weather, always a good thing 🙂   I thought about trying to get a run in today, but it didn’t really sound that exciting to me for some reason.  If there’s one thing I’ve finally figured out over the years of my hot and cold affair with weight loss: as soon as things start to feel like a job to be done, you better watch yourself.

So I decided to switch things up a bit and crack open the good old DVD cases to get a good sweat going.  “Ha!”  I thought smugly, “I’ve been running.  This is going to be cake.”.

No, it was not cake.  Unless things being “cake” now means “taking many breaks while gasping and walking in place”.

I was using the most challenging DVD I had (see smug thoughts, above), my Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.  Here’s the thing I found out about running: it’s great cardio and endurance training, but it’s not really going to help you when a crazy-fit trainer wants you to do dozens of Burpees followed by Mountain Climbing Planks.  In fact, once you become a person who can endurance run for a while, I’m sure your body adapts to it and it may not be the revolutionary thing that it once was.  I think I’ll always like doing it, especially outdoors; it was just a nice reminder today that I don’t need to get married to one kind of workout.  It’s probably more of a mental thing, like running was something that I never really thought would be for me, and being able to enjoy it now is such a cool thing for my psyche that I forgot there were other fish in the sea. 🙂

It nice to feel other muscles ache!  My shoulders from planks and presses, my obliques from crunches, even my hamstrings from backkicks.  So much nicer to feel muscle aching from working out then from being lethargic and lying around too much!


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