Still running! Loving it.

It’s been a while since I posted here, I’ve been trying to divide my time up between too many things!

Fall is my favorite time of year, and this one has been great for me to practice my running.  In Minnesota, we can have really short fall seasons, where cool dry weather is in and out so fast you’d swear it went from being 85 degrees to snowing in one week.  But this year, we’ve been blessed with a really mild fall, full of sunny 60 degree days.  I am also feeling really thankful that I am able to have a couple of days each week where each of my kids is in school at the same time so I can get some runs in without having to jockey around babysitters or deal with my husband’s crazy work schedule.

Yes, Monday and Wednesday mornings are my favorite times this year…I get the kids off to school and preschool, and I have two and a half hours to myself to run, shower, and have a quick snack.  Love it!  Right now I’m averaging about 3.5 to 4 miles per run, and it takes me between 40 and 55 minutes.  A lot of it depends on where I run.  Here in the south of MN, there are a TON of hills.  When I run near my home, I spend a half mile just getting up a huge hill so I can run back down the next half mile; it goes on like that the whole run.  I kind of love it though!

One of the things I have learned about myself is that I’m going to be more motivated and energized to do something if it seems hard or there is a real physical challenge involved.  That’s one of the reasons I can’t deal with treadmills.  I mean, treadmills can be a great workout tool, I know you can really work the crap out of yourself.  But the fact is…you are in control of how hard it is.  If it gets to be too much, you can lower the incline or slow down the pace.  If I’m outside running, and I’ve only gone halfway and I’m feeling tired, that’s just too bad – I’m going to have to get back somehow!  Today for example, it was really chilly and windy.  I haven’t gotten any running pants yet, so I’m still wearing my thin wicking capris.  I had a couple of long shirts on, a hat, and some gloves, but MAN I was chilly.  I would get to the top of a hill, the wind would be blowing right through my hat into my ears, and I thought “Well, the only way to get out of this is to run faster.  This is an endurance run!”, and it was one of my best running times.  I even added a couple of blocks since I was feeling pretty strong!  But I know that soon I’m going to have to invest in some warmer pants – I’m planning on running outside all winter.  I love finding things to do in the winter, I get really antsy and pent-up if I just stay in all the time and try to deal with bored kids.  So this year I’m really excited, this will be my first running winter!  I need to do some research and figure out what to buy.  I know I need a better hat, and some wool socks, and lined pants.  I think I’m going to be spending some dough at our local Sports store very soon!

I’m planning on doing more 5k’s this winter, we have one in the Twin Cities on Thanksgiving and one on Valentine’s, and I’m doing both of those.  I’m excited!

My weight lifting has fallen behind a little bit…I need to get back on the plan.  I was doing weights three days a week and running three days a week with a rest day thrown in, but lately it’s been just the running and resting.  I guess I needed a break!



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