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A list-note to myself, the day after Easter

Ugh.  Easter was yesterday, and even though I was really good about staying away from that devil called gluten, I made up for it by going after the ham, potatoes and all things made of chocolate.   Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, chocolate coins, rubber tires dipped in chocolate…

Well, things didn’t get that bad.  But damned close.

No more chocolate, for the love of god!

I have to get off the white stuff, starting today.  Okay, well, I did have a bowl of chocolate Chex with sweetened almond milk for breakfast…but as SOON as my blood sugar comes back down, I’m done.  Really.

I did it once before, so I know it’s not impossible.  Actually, the only time I lost weight without being obsessive about staying at exactly 1200 calories was when I cut out wheat, sugar, meat and caffeine.  So I guess I’m back on the plan.

Alright.  I can do this.  I’m just in a bit of a sugar brain fog, so I think it’s time to make a list. In full on third-person mode.

Alright, self.  This is what we’re doing today.

1.  Get out the juicer.  Go to the store and get cucumbers, apples, celery, ginger, spinach, and carrots for juicing concoctions.

Come on. Even though this chick is super annoying, it would be nice to feel this way, right?

2.  Drink a shit-ton of water.

Sorry, self.  That was unnecessarily gross.

3.   Go put a bra on – you can do this, it’s just a soft sports bra – and do a decent amount of yoga before lunch.

4.   Have some green tea with caffeine around 3 pm today.  I’m guessing that will be about the time that our head will want to explode, wondering where it’s sugar fix has gone.  Make an effort not to bite anyone’s head off for asking normal questions, like How are you? or What’re you up to today?

Stop asking me where the remote is!

5.  It’s cold and windy out today, so I think we should have a pass to stay inside for the workout today.  Yoga was NOT your workout.  Get up and go crosstrain.  How about we go do that strength cardio DVD?  The plies and squats in that one will work that booty out!

6.  Eat some decent food.  I know there is quinoa in the cupboard, there’s salmon in the freezer, there’s apples in the fruit bowl.  Go cook some brown rice to add to stuff for the next few days.  Get the kitchen in order so we don’t freak out and eat the leftover Peeps and half-eaten chocolate bunnies like a ravenous animal.

6.  For the love of god, don’t stay up late watching Lost on Netflix.  Now is not the time to find out what all the fuss was about.  Go to bed early, dummy.

7.  Get up tomorrow, and do it all again.  And be sure to get some miles of running in there, we were already off yesterday and today, so don’t skip it.   You’re going to feel better in 3 days.  Just get through it and things will seem so much brighter!  Come on self, let’s do something nice for us.